Would you like to donate items to Woodrun, but are unsure what would be used or needed? Click the link below to visit our Amazon Wish List.


WOODRUN COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES (please call the office for more information on these volunteer opportunities)


  • Pavillion restoration.
  • Playground restoration / painting by the clubhouse
  • Clubhouse painting
  • Swimming pool maintenance (check with the office to see if you can help with opening and closing the pools daily)



Donations can be given to the Administrative Assistant in the office, during office hours or placed in either dropbox.


  • Lake Fund
  • Swimming Pool Fund
  • Dock(s) Rebuilding for Community Fishing Docks
  • Recreation Fund
  • Clubhouse Fund
  • Wilderness Bridge Fund
  • Community Beautification Efforts
  • Road Fund



Volunteer Opportunities outside of Woodrun

For More information click the link below to visit the facebook page for

Hardeman County Citizens Clean up. 



The Middleton Elementary School is collecting drink can tabs, for the Ronald McDonald House in Memphis, TN. They have a goal of 1 Million tabs. A container will be in the foyer of the clubhouse to collect these tabs. If you prefer you can give them to any Middleton Elementary School Child to turn in. PLEASE, DO NOT TURN IN THE WHOLE CAN, JUST THE TAB ON TOP


If you would like to suggest Volunteer or Donation Opportunities for our community on this page, please email webmaster@woodrunpoa.org

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